Brides can use crowns or tiaras match with wedding dresses

Brides can use crowns or tiaras match with wedding dresses
The wedding day allows brides to wear an accessory that most women do not use: crowns and tiaras. Who wants to take a day or miss princess can choose from several options, the most pompous to more discreet. You can buy or rent the crown or tiara at the same store where you get wedding dresses. But we must be very careful in the choice: the accessory should match the hairdo, the dress and face shape. It ask for help from her hairdresser and stylist.

Crowns increase the height

If you are short, can use a higher or pointed crown, because this will give the impression you are taller. However, consider also the height of her fiance. If it is lower than you, the gap may be too large if you wear high heels and a crown. Another detail to note is that if your hair is short, the crown can call too much attention.

Accessories elongate triangular face

If you have the face square or round, can disguise with a tiara or crown of triangular shape. They give the impression that your face is thinner.


If you will marry during the day, we should not exaggerate the brightness. Dispense with gold crowns and rhinestones and prefer those with pearls or crystals, which are more discrete. If your dress has lots of embroidery and jewels, it is best to choose a tiara, not to be heavily loaded with visual.

Tiara or crown with colorful details, can you?

May, if it sparingly. It is necessary that the colors of the tiara or crown match the makeup of the bride and the bouquet. This, however, is a risky option: if you are unsure of what is good, it is best to replace it with a more conventional alternative.